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SOTA cycling trip from the Ibañeta pass

I started my sota cycling trip from the Ibañeta pass, this nice place brings me good memories. From here there is a forest trail will take you straight to the top Ortzantzurieta.
Just taking a rest between Ortzantzurieta and Txangoa. 
The hard wind unbalanced me several times, forcing to put my foot on the floor. I even thought to go to alternative summit but the will to explore new lands pushes me forward.
EB2GKK/P station at Ortzantzurieta, EA2/NV-012

 I fix my aerial in the geodesic vertex, my working conditions have been a Yagui 3 elements and 12W. Fog covered the summit during the first part of the activation, then the sky cleared but the wind continued beating my yagui.
EB2GKK/P station at Ortzantzurieta, EA2/NV-012
On my way to the second summits, a strong gusts of wind makes me out from the narrow path. Unlucky the rear wheel hit on a big stone causing a brake in the gear change.
Gear change was broken.

I resigned to continue the planned route,  unable to reach the next summit, Urkulu by bike.
EB2GKK/P station at Txangoamendi, EA2/NV-170
I decided to return after activating Txangoamendi, it will not take me long because most of my backtrack was downward. Seeing that I had plenty of time decided to approach to a nearby summit, Girizu. This time bringing VHF/HF radio equipment.
The tree of life and the steady wind at Girizu.
Suddenly the silence was broken by the cry of some birds in flight, first thought sounds of ducks but after looking up I found out that the size of these birds was higher than a wild duck, they were several groups of birds flying in "V" !!!
A crane in flight, photo from google.

I did not know that would be positioned in the middle of the Siberian Crane's migration route on their way down south. These migratory birds also known as "Grulla", fly thousands of kilometres each year leaving their breeding sites in the northern hemisphere at the beginning of winter to spend the winter months in the southern hemisphere.
 Crane´s migration route, photo from google.

I am sorry for not having a good digital camera near but some station from their QTH also enjoyed hearing the squawking of these birds on the 144 MHz band !!! 

EB2GKK/P station at Girizu, EA2/NV-042
I would spend other day lying on the ground, looking at the clear sky but we are warned by the cry of these birds in flight that the winter is approaching into the Basque lands. The sun was setting and the weather started to cool down rapidly.

While I was collecting my things inside the rucksack, I said to me: "It was not a bad day, after all"
73s de Inaki

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